May 22, 2019

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Our Thoughts on Flea and Tick Prevention

It’s that time of year again – the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the fleas and ticks are back!

Fleas and ticks are not only an inconvenience, but can also transmit various diseases.  If you are already using a flea and tick preventative medication for your dog or cat, kudos!   You’ve taken the first steps necessary to protect your pet and your household from infestation.  But if you think your pet does not need flea and tick prevention because they are only going outside in your yard, we urge you to think again.  Even with preventatives, your pet may avoid being bitten by fleas and ticks, but can still carry them into your house where they can wreak havoc on other indoor-only pets who do not take preventatives, as well as on the human members of the household.

These pesky critters like to hide out in long grass, so keeping your lawn mowed can be a huge help when it comes to flea and tick control.  We also suggest creating an “inner perimeter” around your yard using a yard spray (we like Siphotrol, available for purchase from our office) which hooks up to your hose for easy application between your bushes/fence/other “outer perimeter” and the lawn where your dog or cat hangs out.  Speak to your veterinarian for more ideas regarding keeping your pets (and your household) pest-free.